Our expertise in Commercial & Company Law

Our practice

Our wealth of experience in corporate law means we know how to best support and protect the entrepreneurs and companies – both Swiss and foreign – that make you such a valued part of our client base.

We assist shareholders, company owners and even companies when managing their day-to-day operations, and in the commercial, strategic and legal challenges they face as they strive for success. We work with all kinds of companies: sole proprietorships, family-owned companies, start-ups, SMEs, listed companies and subsidiaries of multinational groups.

We also bring to bear considerable experience in the set-up, management and governance of associations and foundations, particularly philanthropic entities.

Several of our attorneys also serve as members of boards of directors in the industry as well as in finance, FinTech and banking.

Our expertise

We deliver full-service support in the following areas:

  • Set-up, organisation, management and governance of all forms of companies or entities
  • Drafting of shareholder agreements, organisational rules and other internal regulations
  • Preparation of share capital increases or reductions, corporate reorganisations and restructurings
  • Corporate organisation and governance
  • Legal outsourcing services to draft and update corporate documents, i.e. register of shares and beneficial owners, commercial register formalities, company secretarial activity, and more
  • Review, drafting and negotiation of all types of commercial and intellectual property or R&D contracts.

We partner with you strategically to:

  • Assist and support members of boards of directors, senior management and business leaders in their strategic decisions and responsibilities
  • Advise on corporate governance and best practices
  • Craft elegant legal solutions adapted to your business strategies
  • Assist in drafting, negotiating and implementing appropriate commercial contracts for the distribution of your goods or services
  • Advise on the regulatory complexities of your business activities, in particular the authorisations and approvals you need to sell regulated products or provide regulated services, and assistance when filing related applications.

Publications & Conferences

Conférence Academy & Finance (2019)

"Obligations LSFin: comment mettre en pratique les nouvelles règles de conduite – Mandat de conseil et execution only: adéquation et caractère approprié, documentation et reporting"– Conférence Academy & Finance, Geneva, 5 December 2019

Conférence Academy & Finance (2017)

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Conference Millennium Banque Privée (2017)

"LSFin/LEFin - Overview and main differences with MiFID II - Conference Millennium Banque Privée - Banque Privée BCP (Suisse) S.A., Geneva, 7 December 2017 

Le nouveau tournant de la place financière suisse (2016)

"Le nouveau tournant de la place financière suisse (4ème édition)" – Conférence Academy & Finance, Geneva, 1 December 2016

Le nouveau tournant de la place financière suisse (2015)

"Le nouveau tournant de la place financière suisse" – Conférence Academy & Finance, Geneva, 12 November 2015

Non-conformité fiscale des clients (2015)

"Non-conformité fiscale des clients" – Conférence Academy & Finance, Geneva, 2 October 2015

Délit fiscal qualifié, ayant droit économique, transparence des personnes morales (2015)

"Délit fiscal qualifié, ayant droit économique,transparence des personnes morales : les défis de la loi du 12 décembre 2014 (recommandations du GAFI)" – Conférence Academy & Finance, Geneva, 18 March 2015

Les banques dépositaires face à de nouveaux défis (2015)

"Les banques dépositaires face à de nouveaux défis" Friends of funds Conference, Geneva, 1 December 2015