Our expertise in Asset Management

Our practice

Our attorneys have years of in-depth experience in asset management, fund administration and management, custodian bank activities and in the structuring and distribution of all types of financial products of varying complexity.

Several of our seasoned attorneys have experience working for financial institutions and financial market supervisory authorities. A number even serve as directors on the boards of financial institutions with asset management activities.

Armed with this insight, we provide highly specialised advice while helping you comply with the increasingly complex regulatory requirements you contend with today in a range of asset management disciplines.

Our expertise

We offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Navigating the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) authorisation procedures for fund management companies, collective asset managers, custodian banks and fund representatives
  • Advising on asset management and structuring of investment funds and other investment products, particularly structured products, involving an array of governance, compliance and transparency issues
  • Registering Swiss and foreign investment funds with FINMA and handling regulatory notifications and authorisation procedures
  • Structuring open and closed-end investment funds in all asset classes, in particular real estate, private equity and other alternative asset classes
  • Listing of financial products on the SIX Swiss Exchange
  • Advising on the distribution of funds, structured products and other investment products and services
  • Drafting and negotiating management contracts, consultancy agreements and distribution contracts, as well as depository and market making contracts
  • Counselling asset managers on compliance with intricate regulatory restrictions applicable to investments
  • Representing clients in investigations and enforcement proceedings concerning funds and structured products.

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