Our expertise in Litigation & Arbitration

Our practice

We faithfully defend our local, foreign and multinational clients in all matters before the Swiss courts and arbitral tribunals to arrive at the best outcome in all areas of law.

Our firm represents public entities and multinational companies, as well as SMEs and individual clients before various civil, criminal and administrative courts and authorities throughout Switzerland. We also represent you in arbitration tribunals. Our attorneys have garnered experience coordinating a number of complex and cross-border disputes.

You can count on us to partner with you to defend your interests in whatever issue you encounter, ranging from provisional measures to ordinary proceedings.

Where needed, we guide you to settlement solutions that align with your objectives as an alternative to legal proceedings.

Our expertise

We have the precise skills to represent you in a myriad of judicial and arbitral matters:

  • Legal and arbitration actions, ranging from commercial and financial litigation to intellectual property and real estate disputes, among others
  • Provisional measures to stop an unlawful act or to freeze assets
  • Recognition and exequatur of foreign judicial and arbitral decisions.

As your trusted legal counsel, we can assist you in the following areas:

  • Commercial law
  • Banking and financial law
  • Intellectual property and unfair competition
  • Real estate and construction law
  • Corporate law
  • Financing
  • Employment law
  • Civil law, trusts and inheritance assets
  • Debt and bankruptcy proceedings, including recovery and receiverships.

Publications & Conferences

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"La responsabilité du gérant de fortune externe" – Conference for MGI. Geneva Forum, 17 June 1998

Propriété et Restitution (1997)

"Propriété et Restitution" – La responsabilité de la Suisse due à l'histoire" – Conference at the Simon Wisenthal Centre on 25 June 1997

Le séquestre international (1991)

"Le séquestre international" – Participation in Professor Stoffel's course at the University of Fribourg on 2 December 1991

Les dispositions pénales sur le blanchissage d’argent et les problèmes d’application qu’elles soulèvent pour les avocats (1991)

"Les dispositions pénales sur le blanchissage d'argent et les problèmes d'application qu'elles soulèvent pour les avocats" – Conducting a seminar of the Bar Association on 25 June 1991

L’intervention d’un tiers dans la procédure d’autorisation de construire (1984)

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