Our expertise in Banking & Finance

Our practice

Our attorneys have a breadth of experience in all sectors and disciplines of banking and financial law. We offer insight into the regulatory landscape in Switzerland and worldwide to craft solutions for a wide range of financial markets and institutions. We work with banks, securities firms, fund management companies, asset and wealth managers as well as stock exchanges, multilateral trading facilities and organised trading systems, among others. Our team includes attorneys who have previously worked for financial institutions and market regulators and who now serve as directors on the boards of a number of Swiss financial institutions.

Empowered by our extensive knowledge and experience, we are uniquely positioned to deliver exactly the advice you need for all your financial transactions and regulatory issues. We regularly advise Swiss and international banks and a full spectrum of financial entities — from investment companies and fund management firms to insurers — on regulatory matters.

We advise financial institutions and companies in financing transactions and extending security and guarantees. We also represent private and professional clients in banking and financial relationships. And we defend banking and financial institutions and private clients in banking and financial litigation.

Our expertise

We can assist you with:

  • Filing for authorisation as a financial institution in Switzerland
  • Navigating compliance with prudential rules and financial services regulations
  • Structuring your bank’s corporate transactions
  • Implementing regulatory changes for your compliance requirements
  • Orchestrating and executing mergers and acquisitions for financial institutions
  • Coordinating acquisitions and disposals of banks and client portfolios and restructurings in the banking sector
  • Anticipating and addressing requirements for derivatives and structured products
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating banking and financial contracts and all related financing documentation, such as loan agreements, collateral agreements, security pledges, guarantees, and others
  • Performing due diligence for company financing and loan or investment transactions
  • Advising on stock market regulations, disclosure of sensitive information and shareholdings, market conduct rules and insider trading regulations
  • Complying with anti-money laundering regulations
  • Resolving FinTech complexities.

We partner with you strategically to:

  • Set up and structure your compliance and risk management departments
  • Implement anti-money laundering, FATCA and CRS compliance procedures.

Publications & Conferences

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