The law firm was already in existence in 1873 when Mr Léon Guinand and Mr Eugène Richard became partners-in-law. When this partnership was dissolved at a later stage, Mr Léon Guinand worked on an independent basis before forming a partnership with his son.


Meanwhile, Mr Richard became partners with Mr Charles Vuille and the latter’s brother-in-law, Mr Eugène Stouvenel. When Mr Richard left the firm, presumably to retire, Mr Vuille and Mr Stouvenel extended the partnership to Mr Philippe Dunant.


The three partners went their separate ways during the First World War. Mr Stouvenel subsequently founded his own law firm with his son Georges. Mr Dunant continued to practice law in an independent manner before dying of Spanish influenza in 1918, at which time his firm was taken over by Mr Jaques Le Fort and Mr Eugène Empeyta.


Mr Vuille hired Mr Edouard Aymonier as an associate and the two later became partners. After Mr Vuille passed away, Mr Aymonier continued to practice law on an independent basis.


When Mr Aymonier died, the law firm was taken over by Mr Pierre Jaccoud, who had also inherited a law firm from his father, Mr André Jaccoud.


When Mr Jaccoud left, the firm was taken over by its associates, Mr Charles-André Junod and Mr Jaques Guyet who were later to form a partnership with Mr Michel Muhlstein and subsequently with Mr Alain Bruno Lévy and Mr Jean-Pierre Augier.


Finally, Mr Laurent Muhlstein and Mr Oren-Olivier Puder successively joined the firm et were later to form a partnership with Mr Junod, Mr Muhlstein, Mr Lévy and Mr Augier